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Dal Raccolto Fusilli Pugliesi 16 oz. bag.

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The ancient craft of pasta making starts with the selection of the finest quality durum wheat semolina to ensure the pasta has the proper elasticity to cook perfectly al dente. The dough is carefully kneaded with pure water and lovingly shaped into intricate pasta cuts; then patiently air dried to prevent the treasured shapes from breaking when cooked.

It's this beloved, old-fashioned tradition that the craftswomen behind Dal Raccolto Artisanal Pasta hold dear. Their pasta is prepared with a hands-on approach to create a synergy between the past and the present. Traditional dies are used to gently shape the pasta, which is laid out by hand to dry slowly. And the finished pasta is also personally graded, weighed and sealed in the bag with brass grommets.

Based in the small village of Sant'Elia a Pianisi in the region of Molise, Italy Dal Raccolto Artisanal Pasta pays homage to the traditions of the region, by offering an array of unique artisanal pasta cuts that are signature to Molisano cuisine.

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Volume1.1 Lb bag
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