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Colavita White Balsamic Vinegar 17 floz. Glass Bottle

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New Look! Same great vinegar.

This special white vinegar combines the rich flavor of age-old balsamic vinegar with the light, fruity taste of white wine vinegar resulting in the perfect condiment. It is sweet and delicate, and your prepared dishes will maintain a clear and fresh appearance. Gluten free.

Try this amazing white balsamic vinegar in our Chimichurri recipe.

Customer Reviews

Have family and friends loving this product but they, as I, have problems finding it in stores.

Best vinegar ever!!!!
It is very flavorful and delicate. The only vinegar that doesn't upset my stomach. Makes every salad delicious. However, I can no longer find it at Walmart! At Giant Eagle, it is twice the price. However, will continue to buy it!

Exceptional Taste Addition to your Meal
I only recently discovered this product and have loved it from the start: I use it in fruit salsa as one of my primary dishes. Having trouble finding it in the
stores so came here. You have to try it!

Can't live without
This is by far the best vinegar I have ever used. The flavor is so delicate. No salad is the same without it. But I have trouble recently finding it in our stores. So disappointed.

Light and tasty
I\'ve been using this stuff on my salads now for about a month. I eat a salad every day, and I usually alternate between balsamic and red-wine vinegar. Since I bought a bottle of this stuff, I\'ve been ignoring my other vinegars - aged balsamics of Modena, Allessia, Condimento.. to hell with it all. To hell with typing in this little box, too. To hell with you if you don\'t try this vinegar.

no oil needed
So wonderful on the salad you don\'t need any oil,it is really wonderful the only problem is it is so difficult to find in my local stores !

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Volume16.9 oz. glass
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