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Perugina Baci 28-pc Box 14.1 oz.

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Baci® Perugina® chocolates are made according to the Italian tradition of excellence in chocolate-making, creating that special combination that gives Baci® Perugina® its unique flavor. The iconic Box contains 28 chocolates. A small package, delivering a grand message, wrapped in notes of love. Fine chocolate and a tradition of affection makes Baci® Perugina® a joy to give and a delight to receive. Open a bacio, spark an emotion.



In the heart of Italy, lies the lush region of Umbria and the city of Perugia, where you will find Perugina®, home of the Perugina Chocolate Masters and the famous factory, a symbol of quality chocolate and tradition for more than a century.
Its secret is in the passion with which new flavors and combinations are experimented with every day, creating the highest quality product and irresistible flavors for Baci® Perugina®, one of the most loved and widely known chocolates around the world.
In 1922, Luisa Spagnoli, the creative genius behind Baci Perugina, had the idea to create the confection that we know today by blending chocolate with a ground hazelnut cream, mixing in some chopped hazelnuts, crowning the confection with a whole hazelnut and then covering it in fine precious dark chocolate. The dark chocolate used to cover Baci is so special and unique that it is named after her: Luisa®. Nearly 100 years later, the original recipe and process remains unchanged.
The process involves the same expertise and experience from the first day it was made to ensure excellence from the cocoa selection to the careful steps by which the chocolate is made.
Even today, each Baci® Perugina® is personally checked before being wrapped.
The proprietary recipe for the unique chocolate results in a flavor and texture that is both intense and velvety and is closely guarded by the masters of the Scuola del Cioccolato® Perugina® (Perugina chocolate school).
According to legend, the first love note appeared in the 1930s, inspired by Luisa Spagnoli, the founder of Baci® Perugina®, who would send chocolates wrapped in love notes to her lover, Giovanni Buitoni.
Baci® Perugina® are special not only for their unique recipe, made with natural ingredients and the highest quality raw materials, but for the sentiments of love, written on notes that wrap each chocolate, with beautiful messages of love, friendship and affection. This is why they were given the name Baci®, the Italian word for kisses, because they are as exquisite and sweet as a kiss, an icon of quality and a symbol of Italian excellence and passion.

- 28 dark chocolates to taste and enjoy, this kind of love is meant to be shared.

- Fine dark chocolate filled with a chocolate-hazelnut cream center and a whole hazelnut.

- Every Bacio® is wrapped in a love note offering collectable messages of love and friendship. 

- Created in 1922, Baci® Perugina® represents a long history of Italian excellence by Perugina®, master in chocolate-making.

- The product is made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Gluten Free and Kosher certified. UTZ certified sustainable cocoa.



Customer Reviews

I first met Baci at Perugina when I was stationed in Italy. It has been my happy place for many decades. In the last for years it has disappeared from retail in the United States so whenever I am blessed to receive them it is a brand new day!

I first met Baci at Perugina when I was stationed in Italy. It has been my happy place for many decades. In the last for years it has disappeared from retail in the United States so whenever I am blessed to receive them it is a brand new day!

My late husband first introduced this great chocolate in 1967, but it has been difficult to get it. I now live in Spain and miss my lovely treats...
I hope that I will be able to receive it. Thank you

Ultimately the best
While in Italy, our tour director gave each one of us a sample to taste. Immediately, I got hooked and bought quite a few to give to friends.

Looking for years......
I used to live in Italy and have been searching for this candy ever since because it is hands down the best candy I've ever had and I'm not a chocolate lover. I found it the other day and am anxiously awaiting that long delayed first bite of hazelnut heaven.

only love
this chocolate is wonderful , love !

I have known and searched for this product since discovering it on Madison Avenue in New York City over 35 years ago. Wonders o
See \"nickname\".
See \"nickname.
See \"nickname\".

Love it
Best chocolate ever....

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