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Colavita Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.5 floz. Glass Bottle

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All-Natural Colavita Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the mellow flavor, fragrance, and subtle sweetness of roasted garlic.  Use as an enticing dipping oil served with bread.  Vegetable, potato, and pasta dishes will be enhanced by the mild garlic flavor.  Make this the “secret ingredient” for outstanding marinades and sauces.

Customer Reviews

My husband loves it.

Absolutely the best!
Absolutely the best! BJ\'s only carries it during the Holidays in my area, which is an incredible mistake on their part, because I\'m sure people would buy this all year long. So last year, during the holidays I bought 5 bottles for the year, and I ran out by October, which tells me I need to buy 7 bottles just in case, with a few family birthdays and Thanksgiving around!!!

The secret to many great dishes
We love the roasted garlic olive oil works well in all dishes as well dip for breads and pizza. The roasted garlic olive is my wife secret weapon in all her cooking . We love this product and so does the entire family.

Love this roasted garlic olive oil, sooo glad I can order this direct
Love this roasted garlic olive oil, sooo glad I can order this direct

Excellent product
I love garlic oil and this is the best yet!

Liquid GOLD!!!
I am totally addicted to this! My local BJ\'s warehouse had a sampling of this 2-3 years ago and I have been buying and using it since. Problem now is my local BJ\'s stopped carrying it and I can\'t find it at any of my other local stores so I am now ordering it online - I refuse to go without it! I use it for everything from a dipping sauce to Chicken and even put it on my spaghetti! It is wonderful!

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Volume 25.5 oz glass
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