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Simple PleasuresSimple Pleasures

Item Measurements 13.5L x 11W x 12H

Simple Pleasures


Out of stock

Ultimate Gourmet SelectionUltimate Gourmet Selection

Item Measurements 24L x 20W x 20H

Ultimate Gourmet Selection


Out of stock

Colavita Classic CollectionColavita Classic Collection

Item measurements: 16.5L x 12W x 12H

Colavita Classic Collection


Out of stock

Colavita Dinner BasketColavita Dinner Basket

Item Measurements 13L x 8.5W x 9H

Colavita Dinner Basket

Colavita ORGANIC BasketColavita ORGANIC Basket

Item Measurments: 14L x 7W x 11.5W

Colavita ORGANIC Basket

Colavita Wooden Cruet SetColavita Wooden Cruet Set

Colavita Wooden Cruet Set

two 8.5 oz decanters
Simply ItalianSimply Italian

Item Measurements 14L x 8.75W x 14H

Simply Italian

Colavita Sampler ToteColavita Sampler Tote

Item Measurements 12L x 7W x 12H

Colavita Sampler Tote

Italian Sweets Selection
Italian Sweets Selection

Italian Sweets Selection

Tastes of ItalyTastes of Italy

Item measurements:13L x 7.5W x 5H

Tastes of Italy


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